Throne of Games VI

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The FMF LAN "Throne of Games VI" will be held in the Study Landscape of Bernoulliborg, under lecture hall 5161.0151.


Day Time Activity
Friday 23rd 17:00 Start of the FMF LAN Day 1
20:00 Dinner: Lasagne from Basarz
21:30 Minecraft Bingo Speedrun
00:00 Unreal Tournament 2004 4v4 CTF
03:00 End of FMF LAN Day 1
Saturday 24th 10:00 Start of FMF LAN Day 2
12:00 Free brunch: sandwiches
14:00 Super Smash Bros for Wii U tournament
15:00 Mystery Casual Speedrun
19:00 Dinner: Roti from Shanti Roti Shop
20:30 Age of Empires 2 2v2 tournament
03:00 End of FMF LAN Day 2
Sunday 25th 10:00 Start of FMF LAN Day 3
10:00 Start of cleanup
15:00 End of cleanup, end of FMF LAN Day 3

Food on Friday and Saturday night:

On Friday there will be lasagne from Basarz at 20:00 in the Bernoulli Canteen

Packing list:


All the games used in the tournaments will be provided on the LAN-server. There will be a Mumble VOIP server hosted on the LAN-server, the Mumble client will be downloadable from the LAN-server.

Minecraft Bingo Speedrun

-under construction-

Unreal Tournament 2004 4v4 Capture the Flag

-under construction-

Game Settings

  • Game type: Capture the Flag
  • Team size: 4

Super Smash Bros for Wii U

The smash tournament will consist of 2 cups, a competitive cup and a casual cup.
We will play a double-elimination bracket.
All matches are best of threes, except for the finals which are best of fives.
At the start of the first game, the winner of a game of rock, paper, scissors decides the first banned map out of the Starter Stages Pool.
Afterwards the loser bans two maps from the Starter Stages Pool.
The winner of rock, paper, scissors, choses the first map to play.
After the every game, the bans reset.
Then the winner bans one stage from either the Starter or Counterpick Pool. The loser picks the next stage, though he is not allowed to pick a stage he has won on.
If in any case the game concludes in a draw, a 1 stock match is played on the same stage to decide the winner.
If time runs out, the player with most stocks wins, if both players have equal lives, the player with least damage % wins.

Game Settings

  • Stock and time are set to 2 stock and 6 minutes for Singles
  • Custom Fighters are set to off

Stage List

Starter Stages
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Smashville
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Town & City
Counterpick Stages
  • Omega Stages*
  • Dream Land 64
* Treated as Final Destination in banning phase. If Final Destination is banned, Omega Stages are banned and vice versa

Age of Empires 2 2v2 Conquest

Game Settings

  • Map: Arabia
  • Map Size: Medium (168x168)
  • Resources: Standard
  • Reveal Map: Normal
  • Game Mode: Conquest
  • Speed: Normal
  • Max Population: 200
  • Reveal Map: Normal