Dates to be announced
The 7th FMF LAN will take place In spring 2019. The exact dates, as well as the loaction of the LAN will be announced at a later date.

The LAN is open to members of the FMF. The streepsysteem (purchase system) used in the FMF room will be available at the venue for refreshment. Dinner and breakfast will also be provided on site.

Sign up for the LAN
Packing list
Check out the recommended and required items for the LAN. Note that only a single monitor is allowed due to space constraints. In addition to this, the use of speakers will not be tolerated.
During the LAN party multiple tournaments are hosted, some of which are announced beforehand, and others that are not. A mystery speedrun will also be hosted during the LAN.

So far, the confirmed (and publicly announced) tournaments include:
  • Super Smash Bros.
For the low price of up to 6€*, the Throne of Games committee can pick up your PC and monitor, so you don't have to carry it all by yourself. (Limited to Groningen city limits).

*:Exact price pending
Due to complications with the FSE's new information security policy, the venue of the LAN is still subject to change. More information will be available on this site at a later date.


For this event, the LANcie provides a transport service for your computer and peripherals. The predicted price of this service is 6€. Please pack your equipment properly, as even in transit they are your responsibility.

You can opt in for transport in the sign-up form. If you have any other requests, questions or concerns, please contact

Packing List

When preparing to leave for the LAN, please bring the following:

Please note that only a single monitor is permitted, and speakers will not be allowed during the event.
  • Computer
  • Necessary peripherals:
    • Headset
    • Mouse
    • Mousepad
    • A single monitor
  • Medication (if applicable)
  • A good mood
  • Network cable
  • Power strip
  • Cookies
  • In case of pick-up: a towel for your computer monitor


Multiple tournaments will be hosted during the LAN. There will be more information available about these here.

Terms of Service / Rules

  • Use of the network for torrent traffic is strictly prohibited.
  • The organising committee cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by participant of third parties. The participants are responsible for any damages they cause themselves.
  • The organising committee cannot be held responsible for any form of damage of data loss as a result of theft, fire, vandalism, power surges, nuclear strikes, acts of god and/or any unforseen circumstances.
  • The organising committee's word is final in any event related disagreements.
  • The location that is used is not owned by the committee. Treat it with respect, clean up your own mess, etc.
  • Only one monitor will be allowed per participant, and speakers wil not be allowed for participants (use ear plugs or a headset instead).
  • The participant is responsible for his own actions and any actions resulting from his or her own computer.
  • The participant safeguards the organising party from any claims of him or herself and / or third parties, that result from disputes regarding intellectual property rights or the preservation of these rules
  • The participant will not use another participant's computer without explicit permission, be it via the network of physically. You hack, you leave.
  • Smoking within the main event room is prohibited. Smoking is possible outside.
  • No drama. We will be gathered to play games and have fun, so be friendly and respectful to one another!

Algemene Voorwaarden

  • Het gebruik van het netwerk voor BitTorrent verkeer is verboden.
  • De organisatie kan niet verantwoordelijk gehouden worden voor eventuele schaden door derden/participanten. Zij zal de veroorzaker hiervoor verantwoordelijk houden (Struikel dus niet over een kabel waarmee je een scherm van een tafel sleurt). Hetzelfde geldt voor diefstal.
  • Bij onenigheid over evenement gerelateerde zaken is het besluit van de de commisie geldend.
  • Wij zijn op een locatie die niet van ons is. Ga hier respectvol mee om, dwz, ruim je rommel op zover je die maakt.
  • Per deelnemer is maximaal 1 beeldscherm toegestaan. Voor deelnemers zijn luitsprekers niet toegestaan (gebruik koptelefoon/oordopjes).
  • De organisatie kan niet verantwoordelijk worden gehouden voor enige vorm van (letsel)schade of gegevensverlies als gevolg van diefstal, brand, vernieling, stroomstoring of onvoorzienbare situaties.
  • De deelnemer is volledig verantwoordelijk voor zijn eigen handelingen en handelingen verricht vanaf zijn of haar computer.
  • De deelnemer vrijwaart de organisatie van alle aanspraken van hem- of haarzelf en / of derden, die voortkomen uit geschillen over intellectuele eigendomsrechten of de handhaving van deze regels.
  • De deelnemer zal zonder zijn of haar uitdrukkelijke toestemming geen gebruik maken van de computer van een andere deelnemer, zowel via het netwerk als rechtstreeks. Concreet: "Wie hackt, vertrekt".
  • Er dient niet te worden gerookt binnen de lan ruimte. Men gaat naar buiten om te roken.
  • Gedraag je fatsoenlijk en ga geen ruzie maken. We zijn er immers om spelletjes te spelen, houd de sfeer goed.


The LAN party has classically been hosted in the Bernoulliborgh study landscape. However, due to changes in the FSE information security policy, this will not be possible this year. The committee is looking into other options concerning the venue. Once the decision has been made, more information will be available here.